Hermoso Desfile de Trajes Típicos en Puerto Armuelles

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First, the typical Mass, the event that sanctifies the activity that, for the second year in a row, unites an entire town, in order to pay tribute to all those typical Panamanian dresses, no matter what region they are from. Desfiles Trajes Típicos.
Once this typical Mass is over, the organizers and assistants leave in the traditional route through the main avenues of the town.
It is the next day when, almost the entire population, goes out to the streets to enjoy the Typical Parade, which goes through a series of traditional manifestations of Panama, ranging from the sample of a wood fire, to popular dances from different regions , interpreted by both adults and children.
Thus, it is giving way to each of the delegations, who pass and fill with joy the streets of Puerto Armuelles, with a public, both locals and visitors, who knows how to enjoy the autochthonous, the folkloric, of our , in its maximum expression.
Cover Photo: Ernesto Tuñón
Desfiles Trajes Típicos

Desfiles Trajes Típicos

Desfiles Trajes Típicos

Desfiles Trajes Típicos

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