Bunde y Bullerengue, desde Yaviza

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It is a festival whose origins, ancestral, date back to the colonial era, is the product of the miscegenation that occurs in America when African tribes are brought, and that, in their moments of rejoicing were dedicated to celebrate and have fun, expressing their dances traditional.
The festivity of the Bunde is closer to spirituality, as it denotes religious activities, but the Bullerengue expresses joy and identity as blacks.
It is a spiritual party full of sensuality and color, with what everyone enjoys, both those who practice their dances and those who only observe.
The Bunde and Bullerengue has gone high and low, especially when it ran the risk of disappearing because, being dances a bit sensual, some generations preferred not to teach their children, so they did not learn to dance. But that has already been overcome, and even the church has given way to this celebration.


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