Cataratas de Iguazú, impactantes

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It is what many travelers and tourists speak, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, one of the most visited natural attractions and, without a doubt, a tourist destination that, today, has become the vacation plan and adventures of thousands of people around the planet.

There are different ways of knowing the falls and their different falls, for example, the footbridges, the main one that is about a thousand meters long, on foot, they take you straight to the climax of this attraction, next to the Garganta del Diablo, from where you can safely make the souvenir photographs you want, as well as videos and even live broadcasts on your social networks, as the signal of the main cellular services covers the area, knowing the importance of this tourist activity.
The camera should always be ready, because in several moments you have the opportunity of few, only those who decide for this adventure.

Data and Tips:
It is recommended to arrive early, especially if you go to the Devil’s Throat, as, as the day progresses, long lines are formed and you will not be able to have photos or videos as you would like.

If you are going to La Gran Aventura, take a change of clothes to change. And make sure that for that walk take comfortable clothes short and t-shirt, because it will soak.

If you have waterproof camera (water resistant), it is the most recommended, since at various times the fog can get wet the equipment, especially in La Gran Aventura.

Always follow the instructions of the guides, although the catwalks are safe, just like the boats and vehicles, there are restrictions that you have to follow to the letter.

Do not feed the animals, you could be sanctioned

Take a backpack with water, because the tours, although the weather is cold, will leave you thirsty, are thousands of meters to walk.
Book all your tickets from before reaching the waterfall area, so it will be easier to enjoy every moment.

Although the prices are fixed, the costs of entry to the park, as well as each trip or attraction, may vary according to the change of the dollar with respect to the local currency.

Mentalize in enjoying the wonder, do not restrict yourself and just let your adrenaline flow and reinforce your memories.

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