Copán Ruinas, una de las maravillas arqueológicas de -Honduras-

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Copán Ruinas, a thousand-year-old site, archaeological site that keeps the history of a civilization that lived in those lands, with a culture different from its descendants.
The site is considered as the «Athens of the Mayans».
They are a monumental archaeological site where the Mayans left part of their rich history and culture. With interesting points that little by little you will know, during the tour, such as the Ball Game, located at one end of La Gran Plaza. It is considered as the place where the ritual of life and death was celebrated.
Copan Ruinas is one of the most important tourist sites in Honduras, it is what makes them feel national pride and every day they work in their more than 4 kilometers of tunnels, located under the Great Acropolis, because you have to keep scrutinizing the history , of a great culture that gave way to a great Central American town. Honduras.


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