Cueva de los Murciélagos

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The Bat Cave is a natural, little known, which houses a variety of animals, including bats, giant spiders and a many aquatic critters that live in their groundwater.
The Grotto, as is known, is a few meters from the main road that leads to the beaches of Boca del Drago. On this trip you can enjoy lush flowers and lush vegetation.
Getting into this cave, which has been dedicated in honor of the Virgin, you will learn a little about nature and creation of our planet earth, then, the stalactites as seen, disclosed some of its origin.

A unos pocos kilómetros del centro de Isla Colón, en la ruta hacia las playas de Boca del Drago, Usted se puede maravillar con un corto, pero interesante, eco tour en la Cueva de los Murciélagos.  Se trata de una estructura natural, poco conocida, que alberga una gran variedad de anumales, entre murciélagos, arañas gigantes y unos tantos animalillos acuáticos, que viven en sus aguas subterráneas.

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