Procesión Combinada Corpus Christi

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One of the activities within the festival of Corpus Christi, held every year in La Villa de Los Santos, about 250 kms from the capital of Panama is the procession of syncretism, as some call it.
This occurs after early-morning Mass culminated in the Church of San Anastasio.
Clerics of the Catholic Church, headed the procession, but immediately accompanying cultural figures and colorful activity when they start out devils dirty, Montezuma Spanish, Bighead Montezuma, the Dwarf, the bull, the Parrampanes, the Masquerades and many others, that are part of this ancient custom.
For routes are carpets of flowers that adorned leaks so the streets, but that their role was to serve the passing of the Blessed or Body of Christ.

Una de las actividades, dentro de las festividades del Corpus Christi, que se celebran todos los años en La Villa de Los Santos, a unos 250 kms de la Capital de Panamá, es la procesión del sincretismo, como le llaman algunos.

Esto se da luego de culminada la misa mañanera en el Iglesia de San Anastacio. Inmediatamente terminada esta, sale la procesión a recorrer  las principales calles del pueblo, ya adornadas con las alfombras de colores.

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