Un pueblito que de seguro disfrutarás, Gracias Lempira – Honduras –

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It is a charming Honduran village, whose name comes from its colonial activities, in which travelers came to give thanks to God and was named by Gonzalo de Alvarado in 1536, and it seems that time stopped between its ancient streets and buildings Thanks Lempira, as it is known today, is a sample of colonial beauty in the 21st century.
Thank you, with beautiful landscapes and a variety of small colonial buildings, has everything you need for your adventure of relaxation tourism.
Museums, to know part of their history, are also part of the tour of Thanks. Each corner keeps a historical secret, with friendly settlers and a rich cuisine, which adds to the pure air that gives one of the highest atos in the country.
So, you can get to Fortaleza San Cristóbal, you can not leave without first visiting it.  Thank you, Lempira in Honduras, a town of the past that delights you in the present.



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